Two Travelers

Stone Boatmen cover

Two Travelers combines two existential tales, the short novel The Burning Furrow and the novelette The Dancer on the Stairs, in one volume. Dedicated to Isak Dinesen and the memory of Seven Gothic Tales.

In “Dancer on the Stairs,” a woman wakes up on a stone staircase in a baroque palace, not speaking the language of the place and lacking the chemical signature that allows people to identify each other within a complex social hierarchy. Unable to communicate in words, she resorts to dance. In “The Burning Furrow,” a man who runs a diner in present-day America is also a freedom-fighter in the northern, courtly realm of Dinesen. His people are abused foreigners at home, the servants of strangers, bound not by their overlords, but by their world itself, through a ritual known as the burning of the furrows. Only he and his family are free—for a time. Now that time is ending.

Coming spring 2016 from Aqueduct Press.

Two Travelers cover

Two Travelers will be available in June 2016 in trade paperback and ebook from

The Stone Boatmen

Stone Boatmen cover

The Stone Boatmen (Aqueduct Press, 2014) is a tale of three cities, separated by oceans, lost to one another long ago: the first, the city of rituals, of ceremonies; the second, the city of words, of poetry; and the third, the city of the golden birds, of dreams. In their harbors stand the stone boatmen, pointing outward toward the unknown. Now the birds are fostering a new-found relationship of the three cities of the ancestors, and the voyages of the ship Aphelion and its crew are beginning to rebuild the links.

Cover illustration by Kristen Kest

Stone Boatmen cover

The Stone Boatmen is available in trade paperback and ebook from

In southern Ontario, it is available in trade paperback from